Artexis and Easyfairs have now a shared mission: Visit the Future

With complimentary vision and values, Artexis, our multi-format venues business and Easyfairs, our multi-format events business, are coming together after a quarter century of existence as separate entities. 

Together, they are now exceptionally well placed to offer the communities and businesses they serve both superlative venues, which host a wide range of events including trade shows, conferences, congresses, concerts and sporting fixtures, and events, which meet the specific needs of diverse visitor and exhibitor markets. 

Artexis Easyfairs is a family business – an important quality as this enables us to pursue our long-term vision and annually reinvest 80% of profits into future projects and activities. In 2013-14, they strengthened our financial credentials. The Group’s equity value increased by 43%, while its net debt–to-equity ratio fell from 53% to 16%. The Group is therefore very well positioned to continue to achieve its growth objectives.

Artexis Easyfairs